At azure we believe in a mentoring and coaching system that helps optimise talent, develop new skills sets and assists us in identifying our future leaders as we continuously expand. AND HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT.

The company has over 800 team members, and if you our young, dynamic, love working in teams, love challenges more and feel joy at providing new skills to others, azure is a great fit for your future. We have various positions available all the time, the list below is not exhaustive but feel free to come and meet us.

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Azure HR Data


Azure hospitality corporate level openings

  • Creative/Graphic designers
  • IT executives
  • Finance and account executives
  • Cost control + purchase executives
  • Branding + marketing executives


  • Internships in reestaurant operations
  • Sales, Marketing & Corporate Communication executives
  • Industrial Trainees

F∓B Service

  • Asst. Steward
  • Steward / Sr. Steward
  • Bar Tender
  • Captain
  • Guest Relations Executive / Assistant Manager

Food Production (Mamagoto)

  • CDP/ SR. CDP/ Restaurant unit chefs
  • DCDP
  • Kitchen Management Trainee

Food Production (Speedy Chow)

  • Sous Chef
  • CDP/ SR. CDP
  • DCDP
  • Commis-I
  • Commis-II
  • Commis-III
  • Kitchen Management Trainee

Food Production (Rollmaal)

  • CDP / DCDP
  • Commis-I
  • Commis-II
  • Kitchen Management Trainee