We’re fun, young, urban & yummy, kamaal ke Kathi Rolls & other favourites like the Vada & Misal Pav. A variety of traditional hawker snacks and street foods from the market, Rollmaal has it all. We take pride in our traditions and local favourites and therefore, have absorbed all the inspiration from our history of kebabs and Kathi rolls & other favourites like the Vada & Misal Pav. Rollmaal aims to take these traditional recipes and push them forward for the people out there experience our brand. We are not a kebab concept; neither are we a Kathi joint. We are a mix of delectable flavours extracted from tradition and tweaked in our kitchens to make just the right concoctions like UP Chaat Roll & BBQ Chicken Roll that stand out as different and unique. Experience these new interpretations that we believe may not be available elsewhere. Rollmaal takes the classics and gives them a shock, signature remix while retaining the pristine flavours. And what’s more - we've also got a bunch of other popular dishes like the famous Dal Makhni. With Rollmaal, we’re striving to create a contemporary eating space for the masses and to provide fresh, wholesome meals at incredible value for money, in an aspirational setting at any time of the day with outlets across urban and semi-urban Indian neighborhood. Rollmaal exists within three formats - In-Dining, Take Away & Home Delivery. Although our chatter is universal, but our music is restricted to English.