We like to delight. Delighting others is a gift. Creating delight in built form is what we do. Theres over 2500 of us doing that right now.

What we do?

We create enjoyable, culinary lifestyle experiences, for urban communities in interesting neighbourhoods so they have enough space to laugh out loud and dine like Romans.


We create brands with meaning

The opposite of cookie cut, each of our brands is treated like an individual that has unique qualities & quirks, and offerings for people to relate to and be immersed in.

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We innovate to scale and grow

There is always heated debates at work in terms of what needs to be done next. What does tomorrow look like for us all? Evolution is life at azure and like true Darwinians, we keep mutating and finding ways to be better and creative.

Khan Market

We deliver dining experiences

Eating out doesn’t have to be formal when it can be fun and memorable without the fuss


We care about the impact we leave

We work with Project why to help educate children from lesser privileged backgrounds. We work with our dishwashers to train them up into becoming full on chefs. We constantly strive to eradicate single use plastic and our ISO certified.


We would like to say that there’s this really hardcore corporate set up but in truth we have a bunch of senior think leaders that steer us into the Hokusai wave like waters. 

Kabir Suri


Rahul Khanna


Vineet Kochar

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Janti Dugal

Food Director

Chef Ravi

Corporate Chef


Established in 2009, Azure is a creative food company imagined by young people in order to make urban neighborhoods more interesting. Co-founded by food and hospitality hyper focused entrepreneurs Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna.


Our vision is to create fun food and beverage spaces with high design and value. To expand our ideas across India and internationally with a young, humble team that is dynamic and constantly learning from its customers and each other.



To offer a superb, consistent customer experience that gives the Azure brand a very high recall value. To create new ideas, culinary art and service standards. To be an organization that understands its social responsibilities & grows as a team together with its people.