Established in 2009, Azure is a creative food company imagined by young people in order to make urban neighbourhoods more interesting. Co-founded by food and hospitality hyper focused entrepreneurs Kabir Suri and Rahul Khanna

Azure’s brands have been hand made to offer a mix of carefully curated food and beverage experiences that are accessible to all kinds of folks.

Growing like a well fed teen, revenues per year are up by over 50 percent year on year in the last five years, and now a team of over 2000 strangely talented people are thinking on what’s next everyday.


To offer a superb, consistent customer experience that gives the Azure brand a very high recall value. To create new ideas, culinary art and service standards. To be an organization that understands its social responsibilities & grows as a team together with its people and loyal base
of Azure brand fans.


Our vision is to create fun food and beverage spaces with high design and value. To expand our ideas across India and internationally with a young, humble team that is dynamic and constantly learning from its customers and each other, and to be able to delight a billion customers.

Awards and recognition

While we love tooting our own horn and getting lots of attention, we don’t want to get to ahead of ourselves. Why don’t you see for yourself how our journey has evolved till now.



Flexibility, Accountability, Teamwork and Respect

A Creative Food Company


Are Here To Make Our Team`Grow.
Want To Give Our Team A Better Life.
Never Stop Learning.
Don’t Blame Others For Our Mistakes.
Don’t Make Excuses.
Are Young And Empowered.
Are Not Scared To Take Risks.

Creating Something Special


Are Here To Create Something Special.
Show Empathy To Others.
Respect Others And Our Workplace.
Are Mature Under Pressure.
Don’t Take Shortcuts.
Love Solving Problems.
Don’t Wait For Tommorow.


We would like to say that there’s this really hardcore corporate set up but in truth we have a bunch of senior think leaders that steer us into the Hokusai wave like waters. It begins with the co-founders Kabir and Rahul, , Vineet (President Ops and Head of Business Development), Janti (food head/head of food etc) and Ravi(Corporate Chef). For more on their fake smiles, click on the link below.


Mamagoto was born on the 21st of January, 2010 in New Delhi from an office in an art deco building with arty people. All 4 of us. We then began to conceptualise Rollmaal and Speedy Chow our plans to swim into the quick service ocean and take on some junk food giants. Soon we got our Punjabi fix with aquiring Dhaba Estd 1986, a no holds barred highway eatery – all buttery and full on (the testosterone in our group). Sophistication arrived in the way of Sly Storys filled with tapas rooms, speak easy bars and philosophy clubs made for discerning ladies and gentlemen. There’s plenty we still keep wondering about doing, the debates and discussions are endless, as are the new brands we are yet to introduce.