After conceptualising brands like Mamagoto, opening many restaurants across the country…Whenever we sat to brainstorm… We felt all our ideas at Azure Hospitality seem to be restricted by language…. We were restricted by various hospitality format labels, and began chasing interesting stories. We met a New Yorker at a Bangalore house party who was moving back into his grand mom’s home and was keen on making it a space for others to eat, drink and hangout at. This was fascinating and even better for us, as he needed some help. We loved the stories. So from these initial irritations to the chance meetings – we present our biggest adventure yet. SLY STORYS. A collection of real life stories edited by Azure Hospitality for you to experience at our boutique restaurant-lounges.

With this story starting off in Bangalore, the first Sly Granny was created on the site that was once the home of a granny. Sly Granny is Bangalore’s community house - a collection of spaces, filled with curiosities/doors/staircases and corridors, it is a space for discerning ladies and gentleman. With a tapas dining room, living room terrace, cocktail bars, spaces for film screenings, an arts collective, philosophy club, book exchange and other unmentionable things – Sly Granny is open to those who value their time and company, all the time! Preceding a successful run in Bangalore, we decided to bring Granny’s Vacation home to Delhi.

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New Delhi

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Saket, New Delhi